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Colorful Peace Nerikan Land カラフルピース ねりきゃんランド

Colorful Peace Nerikan Land カラフルピース ねりきゃんランド

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Kracie Foods Candy Kit! Colorful Peace Nerikan Land

Mix and use the mold to make cute soft candy!

カラフルピース ねりきゃんランド

-Japanese Imported with Japanese writing. (Instruction Video)

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🧡Ingredients: sugar, dextrin, dietary fats and oils, reduced water candy, gelatin, starch, glucose, concentrated yogurt / sorbitol, thickening polysaccharides, acidulants, glycerin, emulsifiers, coloring agents, (cutinashi, vegetable pigments, squid pigments, spirulina blue) , Carotinoid, Benihana Huang), Fragrance, Modified Starch, Brightener, (Some contain milk ingredients, squid, soybeans, gelatin)
🧡 Preservation method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.